nurture gaia.
Pottery is one of the most organic hobbies you can find. Historically relevant for centuries, pottery is the embodiment of creating something functional and beautiful from earth. I'm not much of a success with gardening but I like the magic inspired by the mud slithering and slipping between my fingers. Every day in the studio reminds me to be grateful for the basic provisions mother nature provides that cost us nothing.

create balance.
Ever tried to center a piece of clay on a pottery wheel? That critical first step in wheel thrown ceramics can be one of the most difficult. I love the practice of it because it requires an odd mix of total focus and complete intuition. Proper hand movements and form are mandatory, but so is complete relaxation. When I am centering my clay, I am centered within. When I find myself struggling to sort out my personal 'right side up,' a trip to the studio for a few hours reminds me that my personal balance is just a matter of form and practice.

exist unbound.

Creative process blooms best when you get out of your own way. I do my best work when I get out of my conventional mind and into my intuitive mind. And yet, to stay in that space can be difficult when you fear the outcome of your next brave step into the unknown. More than ever in this stage of my life, it is so important to me not to limit myself with my own fears, doubts and examples of previous dreams gone terribly wrong. You are not free until you can face your greatest fears, unbound.