I spent my entire Sunday, as is custom, in the studio. I had the most productive day in a long while - four dishes of varying styles with lids. I might sneak into the studio this week to make the handles for the lids. One disadvantage to the season change is the effect dry heat (HVAC) has on leatherhard clay. I'm going from agonizing drying times in the humid summer to rapid fire greenware that comes with a crisp fall. I'm thinking if I push my luck and wait for next Sunday to trim lids and make handles, I might be making more dust than art. Cool weather brings on the heat.

...With more than just clay bodies, too. I caught up with the studio owner, talked about the recession and the impact on everyone - especially the small businesses in Austin. People are less inclined to take classes and while the gallery has seen good traffic, business here and everywhere is still slow. As we move into the speed bump holiday season and 2010...I think my biggest hope is that everyone takes a big deep breath, grabs a hold of their faith with a death lock grip and braces for something good. It's long overdue.

Productive studio days usually mean a tight, gimpy back on Mondays, but this morning I woke up with a pinch in my shoulder and my wrist. I've been curious about learning how to throw standing up. I've seen some of my favorite productions potters throw that way to preserve tender backs especially for long ceramic spells. So far, I've kept my wheel on bricks, I've removed it from the bricks and still no relief. Perhaps standing while throwing might be in my future. It's either that or a lifetime supply of Motrin.

For the ooooh category, after watching this video - I can't help but think some apple shaped pots might be in my not-too-distant future: