This past Sunday was a busy one and I'm still wondering how we're going to make out with all the pieces yet to be fired (bisque and glaze). 

We've got cool weather in Austin, so unloading one of the kilns was pretty easy; almost enjoyable. We have two large gas kilns in the back of the learning studio where I throw. Both kilns are about four feet wide and approximately 6 feet tall. Stocked with fired glaze or bisque work, unloading can be grueling in summer months when the temperature is 100+ degrees and you're standing in front of an oven that's been fired to over 2100 degrees. But in the fall and winter, unloading a kiln and heavy shelves holding up to 50 or so handmade pieces is merely a light workout. 

I trimmed the jars and bowl that coincide with the lids I shared earlier. Here they are, drying and about to be prepped for bisque fire:

The bowl has one of the biggest lids I've made to date, I'm hoping it makes through the firing process. 

I've got some bits of newspaper beneath the lids to give me leverage in case I need to adjust them during the drying process. 

I'll let these dry for a  week or so, then prep them for bisque fire. 

I bought some clay home as well to start working on the jewelry idea I had. I started working on some earrings and pendants which takes me away from the wheel throwing process and calls on more hand-building techniques.

I'll be working from some custom stamps I made earlier this year and modifying those for use in earing and pendant designs. I'm going to make some beads tonight to add to the earrings and shop around for inspiration until these go through the drying, firing and glazing processes: