There's no doubt the historic home of John Glick is filled with objects of beauty. But it's more than a look; it's a lifestyle. The ceramic artist, who lives with his wife Susie Symons, a former potter turned psychologist, is the owner of Plum Tree Pottery, which is steps away from his front door.

Glick fell for the Farmington Hills property in 1965 when he bought it with his former wife in what was then the city of Farmington. He thought, "Wow! Farmhouse, shed/house, workshop. Yes!"

The original structure, which was built circa 1880, has seen its share of renovations through the years. The kitchen and sitting area were added by previous owners. Until recently, most of Glick's improvements were what he calls "heavy cosmetic" like adding new closets and moving the laundry from the basement to a spare bedroom.

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