Not one – but two projects have come to our attention this week that look to celebrate and revive blue and white porcelain and pottery...

First up is the Blueware Collection of objects created by London-based Studio Glithero. Inspired by John Herschel's 1840 invention of the Blueprinting process which marked the advent of photography, Studio Glithero's Tim Simpson and Sarah van Gameren worked with master ceramicists in Stoke-on-Trent to create a series of white vases and tiles that were embedded with light-reacting chemicals. A combination of weeds, leaves and images of botanical specimens were arranged on the ceramic surfaces and exposed to UV light causing an intense colour transformation from white to deep Prussian blue. The plant material was then removed, revealing crisp white silhouette's of the specimens - which recalls the kind of British Jasperware that Wedgwood made its name making.

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