As much as I'd like it to be a studio day, sinus + clay dust + high allergan counts = Cheryl spinning and sneezing all over the place.

After some nudging from my friend Cheryl, I decided to participate in one of the 365 photo projects that always spring up at this time of year. I've tried them in the past as a daily participant and quickly fell off the wagon of good intention. This year I'm gonna make it more manageable by doing a weekly photo. All studio/craft related of course.

Week one's photo is one of the most powerful tools in the craft of pottery, the kiln. The ones used at the student studio are massive. I find myself thinking of them as fire monsters with their heavy, fiberglass lined doors as the mouth. Clay goes in fragile and brittle, it comes out as bisque. Once it is glazed, it goes in the mouth again and comes out sealed in glass, vibrant in color...alive.

Week One's Photo: