This week's photo is the ClayWays studio pet, Gracie.

She is as much a part of the studio as the teachers, the production potters and the kilns. Any given day you will find her curled in a clay box, perched beside you on a stool and nestling herself between bisqueware on the highest shelf. She's never broken a pot though she tests it, winding her way through works with the greatest care.

Don't let the sweet face fool you. She's cranky. Even when she sits beside you, watching you throw, she does not want to be touched. No matter how she preens, it's best to leave her to her job of studio muse. Many a foolhardy potter has been scratched or bitten for getting too familiar. I think she likes me though. Must be that time I fed her early one morning a year or so ago. She's got a long memory.