Sometimes, I spend so much time navel gazing that I forget some exercises I'm conducting on my "quest to understand myself" have already been completed.

This morning I was checking my feeds and catching up on my spirit food ruminations when I happened acrossthis article. I love Goodlife Zen, and this particular article peaked my curiousity on the Keirsey Temperaments Sorter (KTS) and how the classifications shape our professions or how we emotionally and logically move through this life. The article explains the four basic personality temperaments: Stabilizers, Improvisers, Catalysts and Theorists as theorized by Marilyn Bates and David Keirsey, PhD.

So I suspected I was a Catalyst, based on the profiles and then I clicked through to the Keirsey website to take the long test associated with temperament identification. Well guess what? I've taken the test before. In October of 2007 to be exact. So perhaps this is a seasonal exercise for me? Turns out I got the same test results today that I received in '07. Idealist. When looking through the deeper reviews of the types of Idealist in our world, the explanation of the category I fall into (The Healer) really unnerved me.

"Healers live a fantasy-filled childhood-they are the prince or princess of fairy tales-an attitude which, sadly, is frowned upon, or even punished, by many parents. With parents who want them to get their head out of the clouds, Healers begin to believe they are bad to be so fanciful, so dreamy, and can come to see themselves as ugly ducklings." --- GAH!

"are patient with complicated situations, but impatient with routine details" --- YES.

"When making decisions, Healers follow their heart not their head, which means they can make errors of fact, but seldom of feeling." --- *sheepishly raises hand*

"Set off from the rest of humanity by their privacy and scarcity (around one percent of the population), Healers can feel even more isolated in the purity of their idealism." --- And this is why you will never find me at the center of any party. I'm serving food, drinks, making sure everyone is comfortable and tended while taking frequent trips to a small enclosed space to temporarily de-stimulate my overstimulated mind.

And now you know.

Want to know more about you? Take the test. 

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