To Beseech Thee

Image Credit: Wandering Angel

Despite the loads of positive things happening in my creative and professional life, I've still had a heavy heart I've been carrying for longer than I care to admit. I know I'm on a journey that I crafted explicitly for myself...long before I even knew "who" I was. I trust that there is a divine purpose and reason for everything that happens. That belief is what keeps me moving forward even when I can't see the path beneath my feet. It keeps my head just above water. Still, like anyone...I get tired. And when I get tired, I doubt. And when I doubt, I lose my general sense of direction.

This morning while waiting for the coffee to finish brewing, I scanned my horoscope for amusement. I normally dismiss the bulk of it...but this one had a tone that felt right for me. It suggested that tonight, when I go to sleep...I tell myself a fairy tale. Specifically, it said to fill it with things that are uplifting and inspiring with all the usual components: magic, passion, true love, riches and abundant happiness. The message reminded me that I have the power to make it the best tale ever. I chuckled to myself. 

I don't know if this was my first hint at any artistic inclinations present in this chapter of my life, but I've always loved a good story. If there's one thing I can do, it's visualize what I want in my life and then draw it in by simply holding onto that visualization. I can say that the things that have come into my life, I wanted. I knew precisely what I wanted...and it came to me. (Shame I never visualized being wealthy beyond my wildest dreams - but then money has always been an afterthought of happiness, not the root of it for me)

Heartbreaks of varying kinds have a dangerous way of shaking the foundation of your fairy tale. They make you doubt what you've previously thought you knew so well about others and your own emotional/physical self. Visualizations become distorted and suspect when an unexpected page arrives in your story - taking all the characters on a completely different journey than you crafted. But most times...there is a reason for this. And it's often a good one. Timing is off sometimes. Other times, you miscast your key supporting characters. And then there are times when your own story tests just how much you believe in it. In you. In others. Whatever the situation, this is the moment when REAL fairy tales are manifest. This is the moment when you can confirm for yourself and your storyline just what you truly want. This is your moment to demonstrate your conviction as it relates to that tale. By going with the new storyline, you personify faith. And...your tale goes on to provide for you. 

At least...that's what I choose to believe. 

I also believe that the very moment we're about to experience our biggest dreams manifested is also the very moment we're most inclined to abandon it.