For the first time in my relatively young ceramic arts existence, I've got holiday orders coming in at a pretty exciting pace!

Because my "real-life" career is very different from my "if I never had to worry about another bill in life" career, my work days are getting busier and busier. I am happy and grateful for that in this ugly economy, but as a result, my in-studio time has suffered. Whatever I'm working on has to be handled during the weekend, so this Sunday I spent 10 hours in my happy place to compensate for the loss.

We've introduced a lot of new glazes as well, so in between completing orders and learning some incredible new techniques (more on that later), I'm learning how to marry some of the amazing new colors and finishes we have to work with. 

I'm going back to texture, because it's my way of really adding a personal touch to more traditional items like bowls and lidded pieces. It's also a great way to test the depths and subtleties of some of the more iron laden glazes.

I'm also working on weights. Lately I've been obsessed with making items as light as I possibly can without sacrificing a piece's ability to withstand a bump, a trip through the dishwasher or a clink against another item. The bowl series I'm working on right now I'm happy to say is light as a feather, without sacrificing in form or accents. We'll see how they make it through glazing and firing. The set I'm working on already has a happy home, but I'm looking forward to some additional requests now that I've finally found what I think is the perfect combination. 

There's lots of work to be done in the next few weeks. Serving bowls, chalices, canisters and more. In the "cool technique" category, I recently learned interesting ways to blend light and dark bodied clays to get an incredible spiral or marbled look. If I can find some videos, I'll post them soon. 

Until then, happy wedging!