The holidays seemed to have gone by in a blur. Well actually, they went by in a cough, sneeze and wheeze. As we prepare to enter into a fresh and shiny new year, I'm getting over "Death Plague 2010." Coughs that kept me up all night, head congestion that head my ears closed and ringing, achy bones and a mind foggy as pea soup. Merry Christmas to me, indeed.

The studio has also been closed for a week and this coming weekend so I've been clay free what feels like way too long. In the interim, I've been working on my laundry list of projects to complete. But first, can I shamelessly self-promote my recent big win?

I finally finished the kiddush cups I was working on for my friend Michelle in Louisville. After a harrowing experience with the bisque fire, my cups went through the glaze fire and came out INCREDIBLE. I was so pleased to send them to her, and it's added another item to my "can-do" list. Aren't they pretty cool?

Going in to the new year, I've got to get busy with heavy production for the wedding of my inner circle crew, JT & Tiffany. I'm honored to be working on a keepsake item for their guests, as well as a gift to them (though they already have a boat load of my stuff already).

These are the other projects I'm committing myself to over the next 12 months (according to my growing Evernote list):

  • Teapots
  • Sake sets
  • Candle Holders
  • Platters
  • Jewelry pieces
  • Bowls
  • Vases

I've got a good jump on the jewelry pieces, and of course the bowls, vases and candle holders are things I've created before. The teapots and the sake sets are new and I'll admit to being marginally nervous about them. Platters seem simple enough, but they also fall into the plate category...and nothing worries me more than a plate.

I've also opened myself up for custom requests. That combined with the list above should keep my happily covered in clay through this time next year. 

I hope 2011 keeps you busy, happy and healthy. Stay tuned to the blog and the shop for updates.