The wisest (wo)men follow their own direction. - Euripides (enhanced by me)

As children we begin life drunk with possibility. Fresh and new, guardians shape our first expectations of what is feasible. We learn we cannot fly, when grandmother pulls us hastily from the chain link fence we were insistent on climbing. We learn humility the first time our vanity is rejected. We accept our mortality the first time we lose a loved one. 

I can understand now why Peter Pan never wanted to grow up. It seems for all the wisdom we gain, we're also expected to lose our sense of what is possible. We are taught that with wisdom comes discretion, caution and my all time personal favorite, compromise. 

Compromise works in relationships when resolving conflict. It's what ends wars and bolsters deeper understanding. But some things were never meant to be compromised. When it comes to pursuing your dreams, I believe there can be no bartering. There is only what you believe and what you decide no longer feels true for you. 

I am sometimes saddened by how often I see people "making do." There is a smile on their lips, but eyes always give away the faint whisper of what might have been. Tucked away behind the irises, there are speckles of what was once true. The wishes and wants we once dared to dream, imprisoned in our own practicality. 

I'm a fairly stubborn woman. I was a fairly stubborn child, too. I don't rail wildly against the powers that be, because I've never been one for drawing too much attention to myself. I'm more like a stream of water against a jagged rock. I quietly wear away what opposes me. It's not about being right or getting what I want. On the contrary, there is very little I want. And it also happens to be what I believe in. With every drop of blood running through my veins. 

Sometimes I think Peter Pan had it right. Part of the magic of youth is the excitement of our spiritual and emotional passions. And in that regard, no great passion has ever been born of practical compromise.

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