This is more than a book; this is an experience- a chance to be a voyeur into the life of Jake Kimball, the newest potter in a three-hundred year old town in western Pennsylvania. This is Jake's sketchbook, and as you might imagine an artist's sketchbook to be, it is full of pictures, doodles, journal entries and other artistic enhancements. This book also comes with a built-in self-propelled movie, entitled "The Little Potter Makes a Bowl." (You provide the soundtrack). Jake, a soon to be college graduate stumbles upon an ad in an art magazine. The town of Niederbipp is looking for a new potter to replace, Isaac, the seventh potter in a long string of potters reaching back to 1717. For the past 8 years, Jake has dreamed of being a village potter. He applies for the job, despite his plans for the summer and to his surprise, is awarded the Pottery, an apartment and a vast collection of old pots. As Jake begins his work in the old studio, he becomes aware of a unique collection of mugs hanging from an overhead beam. These mugs hold the keys to unlocking Jake's undertstanding of the man he has come to replace. With the help of his new friend Amy, Jake begins to piece together the secrets of life Isaac lived by and shared with all who knew him. Fall in love with Niederbipp and its people as they remember Isaac. Explore the complexity of human nature and the yearning we all have for love, hope, truth, purpose and especially joy. Discovering Isaac is a series of tales within interconnected tales that all grow from the nurturing wisdom and love of a simple man who truly undestood the universal and eternal secrets that lead to a happy life. This if the first of three volumes. Volume 2 will be out in December 2009.


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