It's that spinning time of year, again. Not the wheel. Me. Thankfully, the vertigo has been mild so far this allergy season, but in the studio it's especially rough. I've got a pretty obnoxious looking mask I was advised to wear when I'm working and it does a pretty good job of keeping me silica-free. Something tells me it will be even less comfortable when the temperature starts steadily climbing. 

The main event, the big event this week, is Project ClayPlay's first fundraiser. We're excited about this first venture into event fundraising for the mobile ceramic arts program for Austin, TX. The play is at the Austin PlayHouse and we're hoping for a good turnout. I've got my eye on a few silent auction items...but I'm not sure if my budget is recession proof enough for me to think about fun spending just yet. 

The event is Thursday night and I hope to have lots of fun pictures to share.