I'm preoccupied with long, slender bottles right now. In between catching up on items I owe folks who have requested them, I'm spending all my time trying to perfect these. The tallest one in this series is about 14.25 inches tall. After it's bisque fired and glazed, I expect to lose about an inch or so in final height. My eye prefers the ones with longer more narrow form. I find once I've made about a dozen of something I finally get to a point where I'm pleased with my progress. So I've probably got about 8 or more to go before I feel like I'm in any sort of rhythm.

I also want to work on some techniques to embellish. I did some line work on two of them, but I would like to do some more ornate finishing work on the future ones. I love Egyptian culture, particularly the art and expression of the early dynasties and the middle kingdom, so I find a lot of inspiration in the color and techniques seen in that work. I'll be dusting off the form books and my old study guides to see if I can't get inspired. Ideally, I need to be sneaking into the studio at least one more day a week too. Hopefully I can make that happen this summer. 

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