From time to time, we put tips and other helpful ideas for properly packaging art pottery for shipping.  Sometimes, new packing materials become available – which is happening in greater frequencies these days due to more companies becoming eco-friendly and other times, we’re reminded of just how important this process is when we receive a delivery that’s been damaged in transit.   So with that in mind, we thought it’d be a good time to see what’s new and which traditional methods still serve their purpose in the world of shipping.

The newest products on the market include those that are not only recyclable, but also incorporate sustainable soy inks and dyes.  Everything from boxes with 100% post consumer recycled fiber to soy based eurathane foam are now easily located in nearly any office supply store in the country.  These allow for safe shipping while also protecting the environment.  These boxes are also found with water resistant adhesives that are eco friendly as well.

The fact is, there’s very little these days that does not offer at least some degree of recycled material.  Even tape – specifically rubber tape - that you use to seal a box is recycled as is the plastic bubble wrap that’s been a favorite for years.

Still, that doesn’t lessen the need to take every precaution to prevent damage.  You always want to choose the smallest box possible that will safely store your art pottery investment during its journey.  Always add a layer of eco-friendly peanuts or other padding to the bottom before your valuable.  From there, ensure the sides are properly padded and then apply padding – peanuts or air bags, for instance, to the top.  After you’re satisfied with it, you’ll want to be sure the corners and Pottery

openings on the shipping box are reinforced.  If you’re concerned that the box isn’t sturdy enough to serve its purpose, your best bet is likely to find one that is.  The last thing you want to worry about is whether it’s being damaged in transit.

Following these tips, along with a bit of common sense, will serve you well in all of your shipping efforts.

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