I've sold a few pieces recently and I've had some additional requests for some pieces from friends and new acquaintances. Also donating an item or two to the United Way for a local fund raiser. Fall is in the air, and even in Texas, where Fall isn't like what I'm used to...it still when I seem to be at my personal, spiritual and professional best. I'm hoping for good things this Fall as the last few years have brought more than their fair share of obstacles, burdens and challenges.

As my friend Jason would say, "Let's go."

So I was a busy bee in the studio yesterday, four pieces that already have homes even before they've met the fire. In the midst of that, I'm nursing a rather gimpy left wrist/shoulder. I say both because I'm not sure where the problem is. I think I hurt it a few weeks ago trying to valiantly center and open 10 lbs of clay on a potter's wheel that was spinning VERY fast. Since then, I have pain when centering and opening...and let's not even discuss wedging. Ouch. I'm either suffering for my art, or further exaggerating an injury. I suppose time will tell.

I'm supposed to be working on some serving pieces for the gallery, so I've got a few large presentation bowls, fruit bowls and platters I need to finish up. Right now they are in varying stages of drying and yet to be glazed. I have to re work my schedule so I have more time in my creative space so I can get all this stuff done sooner rather than later - especially with Empty Bowl coming up.  But perhaps I need to see a doctor about the wrist/shoulder first. (We know that's not going to happen until something goes pop). Why the left arm? As a leftie, this is a major problem.