Whew, that two weeks of closed studio nearly killed me. Well, maybe not literally but I needed to get back behind the wheel something terrible by the time Sunday morning rolled around. 

I received a request for more goblets, and I've got a big wedding order I need to start cranking out, so the next few months are going to require I make the most of my studio time. Thinking about sneaking into the studio on Saturdays for a few hours, then following up with my full day on Sunday, to make sure I get orders completed and still preserve some time to just work on advancing and honing my skills. Besides...you saw that list of projects, right? I need to make every minute count. 

Yesterday in the studio, I took advantage of the lessons I've received from the incredible teachers at my student studio. I wedged nearly an entire 25lb bag of clay into neat 1 - 1.5 pound balls, put them all in front of my wheel and threw. I completed all ten of my goblet stems, eight of the cups, then quickly cleaned my wheel to head back to the glazing area where I glazed a three bowl nesting set and a serving bowl. I was running late by nearly 5pm, so I had to hustle out of the studio to run an errand for family.

In the midst of my long, productive and busy day, I had a lot of fun catching up with my potter pals and got a chance to watch some great kids get a lesson in throwing from a potter I admire very much. There's nothing like the energy that is transfered when we're all behind our wheels, catching up, laughing, debating, encouraging and cutting up. That place has become the very best thing about Austin for me. If nothing else, this town gave me them. And I am eternally grateful.

I'm waiting on my light box to arrive, so I can snap some decent photos of the vases and bowls I'll be posting to Etsy soon. So far, I have more jewelry on the site than pots. I can't have that, can I? There's more to be learned on making striking jewelry, but between my creative friends and some contacts I'm making in Soco, perhaps I can get some speedy lessons. I just need to temper myself, because jewelry is nice...but it's not my focus. (Remind me that I said that)

I really wish I had taken some studio shots to show you just how much clay I wrangled this week, but when you're running and ripping...pictures always become an afterthought you wish you recalled sooner. There's always next week. 

Glaze Notes: 

I did all of the bowls (nesting and serving) in Turquoise overlapped with Suzy's Green. I meant to do something entirely different. But I think this color combination will work well. I need to take better note of how turquoise works with other glazes. I keep reversing the dipping order for some strange reason. If the glaze kiln is fired this week, perhaps I'll share the finished product. 

There's nothing else pending in glaze at the moment.