One of the habits I inherited from my father is the annual "clean house" event that occurs every year during the first weekend in January. Beginning in the office, you go through each room and determine what you're ready to part with in the New Year. Not only does it ensure that you never become a a hoarder, it also helps to keep some semblance of minimalism in a world that loves to tell you that you're not doing much if you don't have a big collection of stuff. 

After finally getting some quiet time during what was a very busy holiday, I sat down in my office and sorted bills, organized my desk, went through my bookcases, pottery tools and art supplies. I stopped to reminisce a bit, went through a brief crying session after happening across some reminders of things, people and memories lost, and prepared my space for all the efficiency I expect to demonstrate in 2011.

I went through my bedroom and retired clothes and bric-a-brac, then followed suit in every other room. Then I cleaned the woodwork, cleaned the rooms and shifted around whatever energy was left in the cracks and crevices. By 4pm, I was sweaty, exhausted and euphoric. I took a long hot shower and thought about where I've been and where I want to go. 

As I relaxed in my quiet little space, I remembered that my goals (contrary to all the coachy talk we see and hear at the start of a new year) AREN'T going to happen just by the sheer force of my will. I say that because will has a fair bit of ego...and ego alone won't accomplish anything good. Instead, I realize that the accomplishment of goals requires a delicate balance of will and acceptance. Acceptance of the hurdles. Acceptance of all the "uncomfortable" things that sometimes need to happen for your bigger goal to manifest. Acceptance of the relinquishing of things to acquire abundance. 

Less (clutter) is always more (peace).