A table full of wares.I thought I was fairly unproductive in my last session at the studio. I didn't bring anything home, I couldn't exactly remember throwing any major items...and yet, when I walked into the studio on Sunday morning and took a look at the bisque-fired shelves, I found 46 pieces to glaze. 

Forty-six pieces? How, why and when did this happen? 

As I set out to waxing and then preparing my glaze strategy, I realized, I kinda liked this way of doing things. And I'm thinking about trying something different this session. 

Instead of throwing a week, then trimming and glazing, then throwing, then doing some glazing...I'm going to start throwing and trimming every week, then pulling aside my bisque work at the end of the session and glazing it all together. That will mean dedicating an entire studio day exclusively to glazing, but it also means dedicating weeks of studio time just to throwing, drying and trimming. For some reason, that "feels" more productive to me. 

I have yet to update my glazing notes in evernote, that's next on my list of things to do this week. Starting now.