V and O wedging.I've been working with light bodied clays for over a year now, from groggy and firm variations to the porcelain "slippiness" of b-mix. I gravitated to them because I like seeing how glazes come alive against whiter clay bodies. 

Lately though, I've been missing some of the subtle effects darker bodies contribute to glazing. My current instructor mentioned a clay body she was fond of during her pottery days in Saint Louis and shortly thereafter, the dark bodied, semi-groggy V and O came to our studio. 

Today was my first experience with the purchase of my first bag. I always have great luck with a freshly opened bag of clay, and even though this was softer than I anticipated, I had a pretty productive day. Seven mugs and one centerpiece bowl later, I think I'll be staying with this clay for awhile. 

Today I also saw how this clay fires (a nice toasty brown). I'm thinking of doing some clear glaze work with these, to get that natural brown. Maybe I'll play with some white slips too, and see where the road takes me. 

Brought home over 35 pieces today from the kiln. Most of them are clean and prepped and shot (for my portfolio and etsy). I'll finish cataloging them tomorrow, and sharing the results here - of course!