Home studio development begins.Though I subscribe to a friend's assessment that saving our grateful nature becomes inauthentic when we do it once a year, I still try to spend a few hours of this day thinking about all the things that have produced mostly positive outcomes in my life. 

The thing about blessings is that they don't always loudly make their precense known. Sometimes they slip in quietly, or masked in the disquise of something that initially causes us great anguish. Perhaps that's why we don't always see those things clearly when we're doing these sorts of exercises. But it's important to see them all. Because all things, good and bad can lead to incredible growth opportunities in our lives. 

With that disclaimer put out there, I want to acknowledge a late season blessing that touched me, inspired me and reminded me how much love there is in the universe. 

I've been wanting to move toward having a personal studio space outside of the collaborative studio where I currently throw. I put that out to the universe then started working on my financial planning as there a lot of big steps I'm attempting to make next year. I picked out my wheel brand, then put the intention aside to start preparing for other things. 

Here, about six weeks later, one of my dear friends and potter mentors backed her pick up truck up my driveway and with her husband, they unloaded a Brent pottery wheel, less than 4 years old, by my door. As I stammered to put together the words to thank her and to find some way to return such a huge gesture of kindness and love, she waved me off and offered me a tight hug. Her response was:

"Repay me by living your dreams." 

And I mean to repay her. With interest. 

So I have much to be grateful for this year...that message and wheel are two of many. 

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