V&O Claybody, wheel thrown.

Another holiday season looming ahead and despite every intention on heading into it with a throwing strategy, I still find myself making it up as I go. 

Lately all I've wanted to play around with are bowl forms. Granted, as my friend Tiffany would say, some of the worlds best foods are served in a bowl. I tend to agree with this assessment. Still, I find myself nearly 4.5 years into this passion of mine, and I'm still trying to sort out my style. 

Whatever it is, I know it's simple. My eye tends to be drawn to simple forms. I don't like "excess." I tend towards earth tones, and I love clean lines. I like to carve, I associate my carvings and color variations to be a reflection of spirituality, of native traditions and simplicity. Huh. *re-reads that last sentence*...maybe I do know my style after all. Perhaps now I just need to reflect on the forms that best support it. 

The items pictured above are the pieces I threw this week. Still pending are a mess of mugs waiting for handles and a big centerpiece bowl waiting for trim. The pieces above will also need to be trimmed, (potentially carved if the studio has been dry). And, to stay ahead of the holidays, there will be more throwing to do. This Sunday coming up will be a busy one. Perhaps I'll try and roust myself from the bed a little earlier than usual to get a jump on it. The best laid plans...