Today I had every intention on getting to the studio early. An Austin marathon literally blocked my way. But after rerouting myself (and vowing to myself that next year I might be running that same race), I got to the studio and got to work. 

And there was much to do. I'm so tired I don't even feel like writing in great detail about it. Here's the tally:

15 tumblers thrown and trimmed

5 goblets glazed

2 incense bowls glazed

4 vases glazed

Finally have my glazing plan down for the wedding pieces, next week I plan to crank up production to 20 tumblers a day. The challenge will be, finding a way to sneak into the studio more than one day out of seven. I should be able to blow through them and have them done at least a month prior to the event (even if I can't double up on days). Lesson learned? This will be the first and last wedding I create pieces for. I'm thrilled to do it for my friends, honored in fact, but with limited time in the studio, doing a mass order limits me from doing anything else for weeks. And I've got lots of people asking for small things here and there. 

I have something akin to a waiting list. And I find that stupefying.