I'm well on my way to completing the biggest order of my young pottery career. 

I plotted my calendar and I've figured I need to throw 15 tumblers (almost spelled tumblr) in each studio session to have this order boxed and ready to go by the middle of April. So far, so very good. I threw my fifteen yesterday along with affixing a symbol of the ones already completed from the week prior. 

That will be my signature project til after tax day, but hopefully I will have enough stuff posted to keep everyone looking til then. I've completed a series of smudge bowls (see photo), incense bowls, an incense holder and some other small pieces. 

Important glaze update (more for me than anyone else)

Loving yellow salt overlapped with a bit of cornell. Very earthy and organic. 

Now that I'm working with a porcelain blend (b-mix) I am totally in love with shino and understand what all the fuss has been about. 

Oribe and clear, never disappoints.