Lately it seems like I'm coming face to face with the worst in people. Perhaps I need an attitude adjustment. Or maybe all the moon activity and retrogrades have something to do with it. Whatever it is...I'm mostly over people and their boorish behavior. To celebrate that grumpiness, I present:

5 Ways Clay Might Be Better Than People

  1. Clay responds to pressure. You push, it yields. You pull, it complies. Whatever you instigate, clay is ready to react. 
  2. Clay has memory. Once you've formed a piece, shaped it and it's begun the drying stays in form. Sometimes, that's a bad thing - like when you ding a piece as you're putting it on the shelf, and you don't notice until hours or days later. The clay might be soft enough to "re-position" but the truth always lies in the firing. Bisque fired clay always goes back to the form it was in as it began to dry. People seem to continually forget their "form," twisting and bending with every whim. 
  3. Clay can be re-worked. You make a mistake with the clay - recovery is simple. Work out the excess water, wedge it up and you can make something beautiful with no hints of the mistakes of the past. People carry the imprints of the failures behind them. 
  4. Clay doesn't argue. It may fight you...but you'll always win.
  5. Clay has nothing to prove. It's clay. It's there. Whatever you want to do? The clay is waiting to accomodate. It has no final opinion on your creative license. Or...lack thereof.