Photo Courtesy of: jbrotherloveThis past weekend, two of my dearest friends in the world were married. They represent everything that is memorable and beautiful about this life. The groom with his sensitive heart, amazing story telling ability, and constant push to find the growth and best case scenario in everything. The bride with her razor sharp wit blended with a compassionate heart and her penchant for a good giggle. They're the most intellectually riveting, comical and memorable couple I've ever known. Their wedding was a total representation of their creativity and overall loveliness. 

As I talked to the bride on Sunday night, a grin pasted to my face, she sounded so full of love and bliss she might burst. I realized that this event was likely the first time in a few long years now, that I've even entertained the magic and possibility of love. 

Shortly after they established their wedding plans and location, we discussed wedding favors, and I was honored to do my first production effort, producing 130 tumblers for their event. It was a labor of love, which is always the very best kind. It went off without a hitch, all pieces arrived in perfect condition and each item found a home with guests and venue employees in New Orleans, LA. But that exercise and the fact that it all came together was not the gift for me. Improving on my skills, and learning how to make my pottery process more efficient? Not the gift. Their heartwarming thanks and the kind words shared with me from the guests? Not the gift. The gift for me, was seeing that, contrary to my own limited and unsuccessful experience with it, a Love Supreme does exist, and for some, it does provide a happy ever after. 

Thanks Jason and Tiffany for the biggest, sweetest gift of all. The reminder that love can be the most incredible, fulfilling and inspiring feeling you will ever have. Thank you for getting it right. Thank you for reminding me that it isn't a figment of my imagination. Thank you for showing me a happily ever after that helps this old girl believe again. Just a little bit. :) 

Love you guys.