Yesterday, as the silica dust settled, I went to grab a bite to eat with my potter pals, Linda and Angela. As we pulled into the Central Market parking lot, the PERFECT parking space opened, and Angela noted that Linda always seems to get the premium parking slots. Linda mentioned half-jokingly that she created that space, by manifesting the space. Something she always does as she pulls into loaded parking lots. 

I say half joking, because the topic of manifestation is one we've discussed before during long studio days. The power of visualization and focus, to manifest a desired outcome or result. In a way, we do it with pottery all the time. As you sit at the wheel or table, you see the block of clay not as a block of clay, but already in it's manipulated form. You see it in your mind, then your hands follow. 

The Law of Attraction became popularized in the middle of this decade - but the theory of manifestation has been around for over a hundred years. In 2006, people were sending out all manner of marketing materials telling people how to become millionaires and live the life of the elite (thanks to Oprah and "the Secret'). A commercialized (and in my opinion, somewhat misguided) approach to what is a very sound spiritual principle. That's not to say you can't experience wealth through's just my belief that the wealth comes as a result of a powerful, meaningful desire or idea manifested, not just dreaming of visualizing piles of money. It's a spiritual process. Identifying a state of existence you wish for yourself and by aligning your energy that stated intention, you permit yourself to focus and the Universe creates a path for you to experience it. 

In some ways, we've all experienced this manifesting process, with positive results. It's just a helluva lot more difficult than we think. The focus element of the process requires restraint. Physical, emotional and mental. Restraint means throwing up barriers to the negative thoughts of you and others to prevent your visualization from being distorted. The visualization element requires rewiring your mind to think productive, fruitful thoughts instead of existing in a space where all you can think of is the list of everything you do not currently possess. It's the constant development of a clear mental picture. So crystal clear that your body and emotions react to the state of euphoria as if it's currently happening. And finally...there is the faith element. This requires that you persist in a state of certainty -- that what you manifest is already done, in the books and on it's way to you. For many of us watching clocks and calendars, this is INCREDIBLY difficult. 

This doesn't even have to be spiritual, if you are skeptical and extremely left-brained. Even "logically" it makes sense. What you focus on, you become preoccupied with. What preoccupies you, drives you and your actions. What you drive toward, you can reasonably achieve if your persistence and focus are in the right place. Take way the spiritual elements and "universe-speak" and I believe this still works the same way. 

As Linda pulled swiftly into that parking slot, I remembered how long it's been since I worked on this ability. It's time to go back to creating. Notjust in the studio - but in every area of my life.