I took as much advantage of studio time as I could this week, and suddenly I have pieces all over the studio that are a bit unaccounted for. Here's a running tally of what's currently in the mix (as best I remember)

Ice Cream BowlAwaiting Glaze Fire: 

3 Carved Bowls: Three medium sized serving bowls, in the tribal theme I've been cultivating for the past few weeks. I glazed them using a combination of yellow salt and cornell red - hoping for a nice, fairly matte brown in the carved area. Fingers crossed that these turn out the way I envision them in my mind. 

3 Carved Vases: Also in the tribal theme, I have three vases with carved or textured surfaces. For the "pineapple vase" I brushed turqouise over the carved portion of the vase, then washed it away hopefully to get enough glaze in the lines to flash rose in the firing from the suzy's green overlay. I'm hoping for a very tranluscent finish with some rosy highlights. For the "gradual lines" vase, I followed a similar glaze pattern, and did the same with the "water flow" vase which is highly carved. I'm worried about all three of these vases actually. My concern is that I may not have allowed the pieces to dry completely before overlapping the suzy's green - which means that glaze may not actually soak into the clay but slide right off the surface of it. I've done that before and actually loved the finish. I don't think I'd like it so much with these pieces. We'll see. 

2 Uncarved Vases: There are two uncarved vases in the set that I did fairly simple glaze work with. Nothing major to report on those. 

Waiting To Be Glazed:

Set of 3 Large Serving Bowls: No carving. Worked on these in a session lead by John Vela, a guest instructor and very inspiring potter. He gave me some great tips on thickening the rims of my bowls, but otherwise, I got the thumbs up. Which for me, is the equivalent of a gold star of merit from...Ghandi. 

Large Pasta Serving DishGreenware Waiting for Firing: 

6 Slipped bowls (varying size): Most of them are small ice-cream bowl sized pieces, all using a slip prepared by Linda Moseley, my current instructor and friend. Experimenting very much with slip so I left some uncarved, and carved two (or three) of the others. I came up with a carve design I'd like to do with some other pieces, and I'm fascinated with the application of slip...so expect a lot of those pieces in the shop in the future as I work to further define my work. 

Leatherhard Waiting for Trimming, Carving and Fire Prep: 

4 Pasta Serving Bowls: Flat rimmed with slip.

1 Large Pasta Bowl: Large Flat rim with slip. 

2 Large Pasta Bowls: Flat rim, unslipped.

1 Tall bowl, medium size

2 Flower pots: One medium, One large

That's alot of stuff coming home in the next few weeks. Time to make space.