If you know me beyond the words I post on this blog - then you probably know one of my big "near-future" goals is creating a home studio space. That goal became much more tangible when I received my first wheel from a dear friend and pottery mentor last year. 

Since then, I've been studying up and consulting the experts on what I need to do to convert my garage into a home studio. But there are several caveats that add a layer of complexity to this game plan: 

1. I currently rent the home I am living in. 

2. I have no desire or intention to purchase this home. 

3. The owner of the property will likely not want me to make any changes to the current garage: i.e. adding a utility sink, or adding any modifications to this fairly older property. 

4. I plan on changing residence in the near future, to my own home - which will be selected based on the ability to convert a utility room to a home studio. 

Knowing all of these things, I came to a rather undesirable conclusion. In order to have a home studio, today, I'd have to create a very barebones studio/garage environment. Specifically, that means, a three bucket water maintenance system (a lot of work each and every time I set up/break down from a session), clearing out the few (but necessary) items I currently store in the garage, battling Austin winters and horrendous summers in a VERY drafty space with no insulation around the garage door, and then finally? Dealing with the general creepiness of my garage, in general. 

The three bucket system is a requirement in order to save myself from a plumbing nightmare. The clays I use are non-toxic, so I don't have to worry about poisoning my environment when it's time to dump the water/silt. However, I will likely kill some grass...and I'm not especially excited to do that, either. With all that said, if I worked around all the hurdles and came up with a solution that made all of my side issues go away - I still come to this. 

I may be moving at some point this year, or the very beginning of next. Whatever I come up with...would be a temporary solution until I can get into a space I'm ready to call my own.

All of this weighed heavy on my mind this weekend until I found out a convenient and timely alternative: 

My learning studio is willing to rent me space. A nominal monthly fee, and I get my own private space to store my wheel and shelving. Access to all the amenities the studio provides including: working utility sinks, access to the kilns and glazes. This also helps me stagger my next big acquisition - a kiln. 

I can rent space there, continue my house hunting at a leisurely pace and most importantly...create on a regular basis. Mind you, it's not as convenient as walking into the garage and going for it...but it's close enough that I don't have to feel like it's an inconvenient commute. 

Hopefully, I can move into the studio in the next few months. 

Stay tuned. 

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