I've been pretty busy since the new year...but don't look at the etsy shelves for proof. As you read this, there are pieces here waiting to be catalogued, photographed and posted. There are about 20 pieces in various stages of completion at the studio. I have no excuses for the delay. Okay, that's a lie. I'm chock full of valid excuses. Work, studio transitions and administrative apathy being the biggest ones. But you don't want to hear that any mor than I want to whine about it. So instead, I'll tell you about my day and pretend someone out there finds this interesting. 

I finally landed on terms for rented studio space. Waiting to move in to the space that I'll be sharing with another potter until I a) acquire a property that has sufficient space for a home studio, b) find a bigger rental space at this current facility. Either way, once work settles back down to a more predictable pace, I hope to spend a few more evenings in the studio working on my aesthetic. 

Wow. Aesthetic. After nearly 5 years learning and now developing my skills, I finally feel as if I have found my true clay personality. I know which forms I like to focus on, and I'm exploring my carving, finishing techniques. My work seems to have a definite personality and I'm learning to embrace and celebrate that. I love that potter pals can find my pieces and know they are mine. I also like that they aren't laughing and gawking when they do it. I still do not feel like a "true potter," but I'm being treated as one and that makes me want to continue learning and growing in this craft, to be worthy of whatever positive feedback I gather along the way.