A few of my potter peers have been gently nudging me (read: shoving me with love) towards participating in local pottery shows and events. This is a real case of the cobbler's son having no shoes. As a marketer, I'm conditioned to helping people develop the strategy for promoting their best work...yet I rarely find the time to do these things for myself. But it's not just an issue of having time. 

I think (know) I suffer from "potter insecurity." Though I've grown more excited about my developing "aesthetic," I still find myself wondering how I fit in among the multitudes of talented potters locally. We all see every flaw, or thing we'd like to improve in our work. The problem with me is...because I tend toward an obsessive personality, those flaws are the ONLY things I see and thereby become consummed with. And how can I show anything when I can't get past the anxiety about what might be wrong with everything I might be inclined to show?

I've been told I'm always going to be harder on myself than any other person will be. But that is little consolation. And it hasn't helped me move beyond my own hesitations in sharing my work in competitions and events. But it has helped me stay focused on improving my techniques. 

Mission: Learn how to share my work locally, while its in development.