Today began with headaches of a literal and figurative variety. The juggling of a variety of stresses has left me battling insomnia yet again. Struggling to get to sleep by 2 am and then waking at 7 has me disoriented and off balance. But, I got myself together and headed to the studio anyway.

As I've blogged about before, the attention the wheel requires, keeps me from churning over the issues weighing heavy on my mind during all other waking hours. And, as I have finally moved my wheel and tools into my rented studio space, it is time to hike up my productivity level as it may be my only Oasis for awhile. I've got about 25 tumblers pending. Last week I threw three large platters that were too wet to trim today, so I threw two more large platters and two mid sized vases. On a regular day, I would have thrown a bit more, but that was all the gas I had.

The Introverted Exhibitionist
There are going to be a few potter events coming up in Austin, and one of. My instructors, along with a potter pal, have been encouraging me to participate this year by putting some of my work in the gallery, or at least sitting my work out in my studio space for visitors to view and potentially purchase. My internal critic screams, "No freak!!!! You aren't ready," while the pragmatist suggests, "isn't this the type of opportunity you need to continue growing and challenging yourself?" And I guess the most logical suggestion of them all is...if the discerning shoppers of etsy support my work, why wouldn't people walking through the exhibition? So, I'm pushing to do it this year.

T is for Teapot
I need to make a few. Actually I need to make a lot, if I want them to be any good. Still thinking through my aesthetic. Or perhaps I'm avoiding. Adding it to the todo list.

Ghost Pedal
At some point during transport, I upset something in the pedal of my wheel, so even when I brake, the wheel continues to move in a skipping motion. I'll need to tinker with that this week when I find some time. Something tells me I'm going to require another set of more experienced eyes to steer me on this, but I also want to learn how to make these adjustments myself. I like the empowerment that comes with learning to fix my own things. Otherwise, the wheel survived the move just fine. Can't wait to begin putting it to good use.

No Slop Pottin'
I'm using a white stoneware clay body from St. Louis and man oh man do I miss the smooth supple texture and finish of B-Mix. But this stoneware is definitely helping master a key part of throwing, finishing up and wet trimming. Because this white stoneware is so groggy, as you work it, you wick away all the smooth grain and reveal the grog. Sometimes I get lazy and overlook that grog and then when I glaze, I am disappointed with the bumpy, textured surface. So it is definitely time to make the most of my metal rib to smooth as much as I can before removing my clay from the wheel. I did that's hoping I net some smoother results. Besides, every pot deserves a little extra love once the form has been set.

On an alternate note, I really miss blogging and journaling. Writing in this space has made me realize how much I miss writing in general. Time to do something about that.