Instagram: SibboteryIt's almoooooost here!!

The West Austin Studio Tour is this weekend, May 19th and 20th. This self-guided tour takes visitors through Austin's creative community beginning downtown and moving up (and west) through various galleries, studios and businesses featuring some of the work from Austin's amazing artists. 

ClayWays will be one of the studios on that tour. As you might know by now, that's where I keep my studio space. I'll be around on Sunday in that studio space and I might even be up for a live demo or two. My shelf space will feature some of my work that is available on etsy. It should be a great time with food and refreshments. 

So today I tidied and threw and thought about the pieces I intend to share during the weekend. I've had some bad luck with some recent firings, so I'll be working on gathering my good juju and turning my production around this week. And by the way, those pulling techniques I shared earlier this week past? They WORKED.