Let me quickly chronicle all the reasons I've been MIA since last month. 

~ Moved into new studio space. 

Remember that studio space I moved into a little over 6 weeks ago?

Well, I stumbled across another available space in the same location. It's bigger, roomier, allows for decoration and work space AND comes with a roommate who also happens to be a mentor and a very dear friend. So, I packed up the wheel and my projects and moved them down the hall.

Thanks to my studio mate's awesome husband, we now have an awesome tricked out space that allows us to work on our project and kibbitz. Because...kibbitz is very important to the creative process. 

Now to purchase a privacy curtain, and some inspirational wall art to make us feel even more at home. 



~ Glazing. Not donuts. (mmmm donuts)

Also? I've been glazing my face off. Something I've noticed now with dedicated space...I tend to put off glazing until I have many things to glaze. And you know what that means?

I now have loads of things to catalogue, finish, stage and photograph. And then...post. So I've been doing a little bit here and there after work. I've already missed one self-assigned deadline for posting - but here's hoping I'll make up for it this week.

Until I get to posting, I shamelessly share a quick photo I took while consuming 4th of July foods and fireworks. 

As you'll note, there's been some hand building going on for me. Still in my infancy, but thanks to some INCREDIBLE skype tutoring from my wonderful friend Tanya Bechara in Australia, I'm ready to move on to some coil building of taller hand built forms. 

Throwing is still my love, but I'm eager to learn how to further enhance and broaden my work. 



~ Commissions!

Sales are looking up, commissions are looking up and that means less talking/blogging and more studio scheduling.

Also, I've done some cool stuff to pass along some savings and attempting to grow some traffic.

* I'm running a special discount for folks who "like" my facebook page. Simply visit sibbotery on facebook, give me a like and bam, you get your own discount code to use on your next purchase from my Etsy shop

* Etsy launched a new About page layout that is really engaging and allows the shop owner to further explain and share their purpose and meaning behind the items in their shop. I took some time to personalize my About page and tweaked some of my advertising/outreach efforts to bring in some more traffic. 







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