It's been awhile since I've updated - blame the usual excuses. 

I've fully moved into the studio space I share with my studio mate, and I'm back in business. I've still got a few items I'd like to acquire to make this happen, but for the most part I am settled and back in the flow. 

I'm still working on a tea cup project, which has lead me to fall in love with yunomi style cups because of their beautiful, balance defying feet and lovely organic forms. Focusing on one form hasn't been so easy, and I still struggle with squirreling about, hopping from one form to the other. I've got to find a rhythm, but more importantly, I think I've got to stop babbling out loud about what I think I'm doing and put my head down and focus on where it is my aesthetic means the most. Identify what I do well, and then set about mastering it. 

Here's a sneak peek at what's available in the shop:

Also, I've started a new blog, where I post on topics of a non-clay nature. If you're interested in following me (and my ramblings) there, visit me at:

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