A sibbotery e-newsletter! 

Wait...was that an audible groan I just heard? Don't be that way. I know your inbox is probably filled with promotions from Old Navy, solicitations from Viagra salesfolk and the occasional chain e-mail or not so funny forward from your Aunt Hilda. But I promise you, you won't hate what I send your way. Why? Because of three primary promises. 

1. You'll only hear from me six times a year. 
That's right. Six times a year, max. In newsletter format, I'll be giving you a sneak peak of works about to hit the shop, share some recent inspiration or art news related to pottery, share upcoming promotions and sales and hopefully tell you about some events I'll be participating in.

2. I'll keep them short. 
No really. I will keep them short. Four to five short segments and a few images. I promise.

3. You'll get special holiday discounts that no one else has access to!
It's my way of thanking you for letting me grace your inbox with updates six times a year.

 So how do you signup? It's simple. You can sign up, right here on sibbotery.com. Check out the right hand navigation bar and plug in your email address. If you're a friend on Facebook, you can signup using that cute little rainbox envelope:

The first newsletter comes out next month. I really hope you'll signup, your feedback is always welcomed!

- C

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