A few weeks ago when instagram made it's wildly unpopular privacy announcement, then swiftly backtracked, I was one of the many users who reacted in the most aggressive way possible - I deleted my account.

As public as I am with my work, I still like defining and setting the limits to what I share online as it relates to everything else. I like being able to have a digital existence without sacrificing the right to edit and cull my content to ensure I maintain the privacy I cherish so much. I used instagram as many of my friends do. I chronicled the things I've seen and wish to remember. I took random pictures of my old dog, studio shots of works in progress, gratuitous self portraits and whatever objects caught my eye. I took those pictures under the impression that they were my content. Mine to control and share and sprinkle across the Internet. However, the reality is...many of us have a false sense of security when it comes to privacy.  So...did I throw the baby out with the bath water?

During a conversation about social media tools and privacy this weekend, someone suggested to me that abandoning instagram also denied me an outlet to share my work, connect with other artists and promote new projects. Why not, they suggested, simply use the tool as a promotional outlet and continue to use Flickr as I always do - for sharing/storing images that require more robust privacy settings? Gee, had I not been so seething with offense, I probably would have landed there, myself. 

So, that's what I've decided to do. Granted, my name sibbotery is now gone forever. A consequence of acting aggressively, but all things considered, it probably needed to be done just to purge previously posted content that I don't want to offer up for public use and promotion.

If you have had privacy concerns but also see the business opportunity in keeping your instagram account, I'd love to get your perspective.