Ever since the workshop, I've been thinking a lot about a common thread among most of the potters whose work I am drawn to and learn from. They all have studios tucked away in almost remote, rural surroundings. Quiet, ethereal spaces with loads of natural light and free space to work, reflect and plan their next projects. 

As a city girl, I find myself bemused by my own desire to suddenly be away from the world. (If you are a DMB fan and aware of my studio playlist, you'll both note and pardon the pun)  Before pottery, the thought of being in a quiet, fairly isolated place felt boring and potentially frightening to me. In some respects, it still does incite fear - but it's not a fear I'm willing to acquiesce to. 

Whenever I have the opportunity to steal a glance into the private studio of an "introverted artist", I am green with envy. While I love working in a collaborative studio where I can exchange ideas and "talk shop" with peers who have become friends...I also know that I create my best work when I unplug for the social side of the collaborative space and close out the noise and energy around me so that I can hear and feel my own imagination offer ideas. In fact, sometimes I grow fairly irritable when I attempt to juggle the distraction of people entering my rented space with my need to follow an idea through to a finished work. Now, I'm working in reverse. The bustle and clamor of too many people in too small a space is no longer comforting to me as it was years ago. I can't create that way. I don't want to look out a window and see buildings. I want to look out of a window and see nothing but a sky waiting to be filled. 

As I was working this weekend, a random thought popped into my head. I knew a location I wanted to consider. I won't speak to it yet...but I'm beginning to allow myself to envision what that space would look like for me. Where it would rest in the country, what I need, the things I'll want for that space to be productive and blissful.  

This morning, this story was passed along to me and I took it to mean I was thinking along the right path. It was a bit of spiritual validation. Perhaps it might be time to do a bit more than day dream...