I like change.  

Okay, that's a lie. Change normally fills me with momentary anxiety that later (and very gradually) melts into acceptance and then the show goes on. Technology, art, life...they have all thrown me curve balls that I love to refer to as "ice water loving kindness designed to help me find my internal well of courage." Mostly, I rise to the occasion. 

But this etsy review change has me anxious. And not the kind that gradually wears away. It's the kind that warns of potential messery. At first, it doesn't seem too scary. There's stars. Who doesn't love stars? My current reviews are sparkly and great thanks to the awesome customers I've had in my time promoting my pottery on etsy. But what happens if/when I receive less than a sparkly 5 star review? More importantly, what does it mean to be a 3-star seller? How will that impact my business which I already struggle to nurse as a "part-time" artist? I'm okay with getting dinged legitimately...but what happens if it isn't legitimate? Can I be held hostage by a customer if they receive an item broken upon delivery and opt to punish me instead of the UPS delivery person who decides to punt the package over a 6 foot fence? (Don't laugh, it has happened - thankfully the customer was a friend) 

While I understand etsy's desire to have a more "transparent" rating system, I guess my beef is I don't immediately see how this system a) drastically improves the buyer or seller experience, b) changes the potential for misunderstandings in the rating or review process. I'm normally pretty eager to see how etsy updates help me present and manage my work. But this one doesn't feel like it does anything to change my world. In fact, now I'm just wondering if this one opens up a new can of worms. Considering I'm selling more locally than I do on etsy these days...perhaps I needn't worry about it.  Cheers to connecting more locally and perhaps taking all that marketing I use for work and applying it to my own website. *click imaginary internet wine glass*