So far this year, I've cleared two hurdles. My friend/fairy godmother/potter pal Tracy penned it best in a gift she left me a few months ago: 

"Good luck to you in the year of the teapot!"

An amazing sculptor and ceramic artist in her own right, she's been a steady cheerleader and constant personal advocate for pushing past fear. I told her in January I would commit to two forms I absolutely avoided pretty aggressively for the past 5+ years: pitchers and teapots. 

It's about so much more than those forms. It's about pushing myself past comfort zones and not allowing myself to get too comfortable with the forms I feel more confident creating. It's about refining my abilities and upping the ante by working on advanced projects that require assembly and planning and strategy. It is also about finishing. Adding nuance. 

This weekend, I made my very first teapot. Here's to a major personal milestone. And here's a big personal thank you to Tracy for reminding me that fear isn't enough to abandon trying.