As last year drew to a close, I was sitting in one of the lounge areas of the studio having coffee and a snack with a potter pal. We were talking about our projects and I mentioned that I was thinking about making teapots one of my New Year's resolutions. I'll never forget his reply: 

"What are you so afraid of? It's a collection of pieces you already well know how to make. There's a bowl, a funnel, a handle and a lid. You're just attaching them together. What could be simpler than that?" 

"Simpler" was said tongue in cheek, as the assembly requires quite a bit of forethought and planning before you start sticking things on...but I got his point. What was the reason for all the reservation? 

In an earlier post, you may remember my friend Tracy giving me a further nudge, supplying me with some invaluable reading material to help me on my journey. I knew at that point, I couldn't spend another year afraid of something everyone felt confident I could do. 

So here we are in August, and while I've had other projects on my todo list: pitchers, and my sister's wedding centerpieces to name a few...but I have still managed to take a stab at playing with teapots. In fact, I've made 10. And you know what happened? I think I'm in love. Or at the very least, obsessed. Obsessed with the different styles, different forms, lids, handle types and functions. 

They are literally all I want to make these days. So...if you're interested in teapots, or you're one of the people who have stopped by to visit me at a show or in the gallery inquiring about one...just know that I wasn't ignoring your requests, I was just working through my aversion. Here's hoping I create something that speaks to you. 

- C